Reviews & Words of Appreciation.

Thank you So Much, it means alot. 

Good morning---- Happy mother's Day ---Queen IVY. I love your Eyes & face you are so Beautiful----!!!! I hope your kids do something really special 4 you & all weeks . Your #-1 fan


Thank u hun i love ur prodout feel like a new woman


Hello I purchased your BV pearl and Chile lemme tell you! I feel different I want to keep going with it as I didn’t get the whole kit last time but I’m prone to BV but I do have fibroids people so I have been told (years ago) do you recommend I keep buying just the BV pearl? I want a kit this time please advise. Thank you so very much for all you do. I have never used a pearl, but I’m a believer! Just in yours!🖤


  Ivy thank you for being a blessing to me !!!! 💜💜💜 who you are has changed parts of my life little do you know. God sent. Period, Thursday, February 6 2020, 11:34 AM Ivy thank you for being a blessing to me !!!! 💜💜💜 who you are has changed parts of my life little do you know. God sent. Period


Erica Walker tagged you and 19 others in a post: "I just want to take the time out to say that I have some beautiful Queens my life inside and out they are all truly a blessing and wise I love y'all and I thank y'all. No we may not talk everyday but y'all inspire me to be greater and better". You can choose if you want to add it to your timeline.

Erica wrote: "I just want to take the time out to say that I have some beautiful Queens my life inside and out they are all truly a blessing and wise I love y'all and I thank y'all. No we may not talk everyday but y'all inspire me to be greater and better"

Erica W.

August 2018

Hey Ivy!


It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you. I wanted to reach out to give you some updates. 


It’s been about 2yrs since I first started using your products and i haven’t used the pearls in over a year. The last time we had a correspondence and I sent you pictures you told me that i was compacted and needed to do it again... well I just wanted to tell you that you were right! I’ve been off birth control for about 2years now and we had been trying to conceive. But to no avail.... I went for a HCG test (where they place dye inside your uterus to check for Fallopian tube blockages) and guess what?!? I received the devastating news that my tubes are blocked! I will be purchasing your fertility pearls soon to see if it will help me out before my visit with the infertility clinic the end of September. 

I just want to say keep up the good work and it’s crazy that you told me this about my womb before any doctor could’ve! You are truly a godsend! Thank you so much!


Crys Clark


Many blessings to you! You are a wonderful spirit. I was more than pleased with my orders, yes orders! I love EVERYTHING that I received in my kit. I loved it so much, I had to order an additional salve. I also ordered oil bombs which were worth it, BAHLEVE dat! I have been telling family, friends and business people Inknow about you and your products. Not to mention the tea is yummy and works as well. Ms. Ivy you've not only helped my womb but with other medical issues I have. 

When I inserted my first pearl I only had a very small amount on my pearl with no purge. But BABEEEEE, that second pearl went to work! I had it all. 

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I started my detox 3days before my cycle came on and like clock work... When it started this is what came out. Amazing... I could literally feel it coming out. Impressed!!! I hope they're cyst.


Sept 9, 2018

I have been using Seanjari Preeti Products for about 2 years. I’m always satisfied with products Pearls are a great experience for me. Salves are great for hair growth after shaving since growing hair after shaving for me is itchy and irritating to the skin with the salve I just rub it on and forget about it. Soaps are natural and I’m not worried about ingredients in my soap. Pads are great. Herbal honey is tasty but sometimes I forget to drink it. I don’t keep up with tea but it smells great. Would just put it in my bath. Products are great and I never had a bad experience with them. Will continue to order when my budget is loose or tight. They prices are fitting for me at anytime.

thank you so much, it means alot. And im glad you said youre not concerned about ingredients. People really dont shop in stores and dissect ingredients prior to purchasing, they just buy. In my business, people are curious beyond normal, and if you've been with me for 2 years, that means its good and you trust me. I plan to be in this field to I rest in peace. Its women like you that makes that happen for me. Thank you again and Goddess Blessings!

Indigenous Queen

July 2018

Hi Hun!

You spoke interesting truth!  I pray that the lord guides your heart to the truth always.  Your mother has done some pretty horrible things and she will be held to account for it.  We tend to think that because we don’t see the struggle that the evil one endures it’s not happening but when we “say” we believe in god we have to believe him (we he said) as well.  And what I mean by that is he rewards good with good and punishes evil with evil.  And to him is our final return.  As a Muslim we know that in the grave begins the next life.  And that is traumatic to even think about!   

I really enjoy listening to your story because it shows how you overcame such a harrowing past and didn’t let it define you.  You emulate what living it and learning through/from it is all about.

You go girl!!! Some people allow their situation to consume them because their mind may not be as strong enough to face the truth about evil, but I commend those that truly understand how the mind is a terrible thing to waste and raise about the devils determination (plot) to inflect distress on the mind.  Continuing depending and seeking and talking to the one god.  Everything is easy for him and a simple test for us.   I like yuh!!!!!!


Sunday Live Feed

Naimah B

Ok so I know i didn’t do it right but omg even not doing it right my 🐱 feels brand new I don’t know why but lately bv was really irritating me and I never had it before so I knew I had to fix her but since my pearls I have had no issues at all I can’t wait to order more and I used my last piece of soap 😢 you are truly a blessing. I tried to scoop that last one out the toilet but it keep dropping so I tried to get the best pic I could 

R. Gaskins

June 2018, BV

Hello Ivy. 


Thanks so much for giving your time and love to all women. You are appreciated and are a special gift to us for ensuring we stay clean and healthy as we love and except our feminine bodies as a beautiful temple. You are an inspiration and we love you! 

I'm about to order a Healing Steam Pot and I want to know the difference between the "Steam Pot 133 Pc Set" and the "Goddess Luxury Vaginal Healing Steam Pot". They come with great items and I want to pick the item that's best for me. 

My Symptoms: I have Fibroids in my uterus. They have been there for lots of years and my doctor told me to leave them alone if they're not causing any pain or discomfort and that they'll probably shrink once I go through full menopause. I'm 55 and I may be going through early stages of menopause so healing is absolutely necessary for me! I've also recently had a urine infection but had it cleared up with antibiotics. I still need healing Ivy! 

Thanks so much for responding to this email and putting my mind at ease. Take good care and God's blessings! Have a great day!


Hello Cheryl, my apologies for the late response. Please dont allow your body to go thru menopause with extra "baggage". Let that time of life be a peaceful transition for you. When you see women fanning, sweating, using lubricants, anxious and more. You know why right? Her transition is rugged, she has so much waste, dead cells, dead tissue, trauma, old lining, her entire reproductive and sexual lifestyle is there. She never did anything substantial to alleviate waste or to maintain a healthy PH. If you decide to prolong or not do the detox, your menopausal experience will be very similar to the symptoms I've described. You can get a Fibroid Womb Healing Kit for now and get a Steam Pot once you've completed several sessions of detoxing. Let me know if you have questions please. thanks


May 2018, Pre Meno

I love my package, it was well put together and it has already helped me with my month long periods! I have some discharge but not as I expected and from some of your experience with discharge it only looked as if it was normal waste of yoni along with tissue and something that looks like skin also with old blood .. I would love to hear back from you ASAP so I can share with you my history of my body and trauma it’s been through. Thanks again I’m pearl # 2 will be inserting # 3 after a 24 hour break 

hey Dominique, sorry for the late response, please dont look at those photos on my site hoping your discharge looks like that. We have women with all types of symptoms and health conditions. But lets make sure you reaching your cervix, cause if youre not, you wont get waste from your womb or cervix. Also, I am not familiiar with your conditions, but sometimes it take a few cleanses to loosen up waste to be discharged. Keep in touch love, and thank you for the response. 

D Jones

May 2018 New User

I just wanted to thank you for the love you are showing. I just order a kit, and am looking forward to beginning thee process. I have a 15 year old, amd always kind of used my endometriosis as birt control. I did some blood cleansing in 2014, and happened to get married the same year. After not even conceiving at all for 12 years, i ended up pregnant right after i was married... twice. But i miscarried both times... Since then, i have been kind of scared to clean down there.. because i am afraid to make it healthy enough to conceive, and ultimately miscarry. But I am ready now... i had planned to order a different one, but i am so glad to have stumbled upon your youtube, which lead me to you. I am glad to support authenticity

Thanks again. - Meg

Hi Meg, let me apologize for the late response. I am sorry that you had two miscarriages and I dont want you to feel skeptical about detoxing cause you risk the chance of miscarrying again. I want you to be open to cleansing your uterine walls so that you can hold a fertilized egg. Endo will always cause you to have a bad uterus, but with detoxing, it removes all the old lining and helps normalize your menstrual. If you were comfy with Endo cause you couldnt get pregnant, you allowed your partner to ejaculate inside of you, so for the sake of detoxing old semen, please use the products and cleanse. Also, if you have a ovulation or period tracker or if you feel your body well enough to know your ovulating, keep a record of that and dont have intercourse during that time. I hope you got a Endo Kit or a Fibroid kit since they both go hand in hand. 

M Rose

May 2018 Endometriosis

Yeeeess my package came in a timely manner. The honey taste good but a have not done the pearls yet. I was waiting my cycle to go off. But I definitely will insert that pearl tonight. Thanks.


May 2018

I would like to thank you very much for opening my eyes as a women. I'm day 7 using the pearl. It's amazing what comes out. Came nicely packaged and the honey taste amazing. Thank you.


May 2018

Ivy, thanks so much for your response. Yes, the sweet pussy soap was good too. I forgot about that one. 

I am so grateful for your gift. Because of you,  my vaginal health is greatly improved, as is my vaginal knowledge/awareness.


Thanks for hooking me up with the soap. Your kits are bomb. 

Oh, the pads are bomb too! Lol

J. Moore

May 2018, Sweet Pussy

Hello Ivy 

I purchased the fibroid pearl kit from you in March. I took the pearl the end of March I purged and the following came out while purging (see below). In April I had a 3 day period with no pain no clotting which I haven’t experienced in years felt great.  My next period came in May and it kind of scared me I’m still bleeding and experienced the biggest clots Ive ever seen come out of me, (see pictures below). I also experienced a lot of cramping until I passed a clot. My period has been on since May 4 and is currently still on. Is this clotting normal after using the peal. I mean I feel great my abdomin feels amazing after the clots passed, like what a relief but I’m not sure if this is something I should be concerned about or not. I forgot to stat when my period was coming on I did stop using the pearl.

June Follow Up: 


I Looove you’re products and the packaging was very  professionally wrapped. Yes it arrived at a good time. 

I highly recommend this product to my family, friends and anyone who Is ready and willing to take the wound healing jorney because it works..

Thank you

Y. Boughton

March 2018, Fibroid Kit

This is J. L. , I'm emailing you to first say "Thank You" just for being woke and educating women like myself of the womb. I prayed to be guided to find natural healing despite what my Doctor suggest. I'm on a Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical journey of learning and healing. I want to be right and healed from my past so I can unblock the things I've endured throughout my life to prepare for my lifetime union in Holy Marriage with the man of my life going on 7 years. I also would love in learning to help put the word of healing out to other women who are not woke yet and looking for guidance. A little about me.....


At the tender age of 15, I was diagnosed with Herpes, at 16 I met my High school sweetheart. We was together for 16 years and have 3 boys from this Relationship/Marriage. My life was he'll, emotionally and physically with him. Several women involved as well. I had 2 abortions and 3 live births. I pushed myself to get fixed and cried all the time. I didn't want to endure more havoc in my life. I fell into severe depression, living in/out of hospitals. I endured emotional negativity from my mom and his family for many years. I let go if most physical stress after 18 years. I found out I have fibroids alone with ovarion cyst in Dec 2015 when I collapsed at work. Since then I've been on a journey to educate myself and start healing internally. As of latest test results, I'm very anemic, the size of the womb is large while pressing on the bladder and intestinal wall. I see creamy discharge all the time. My menses is so painful, I'm down and out of commission for the 1st 3-4 days. 


I honestly in my gut and my heart feel God sent you in my path to show me how to find my life and light. I have multiple symptoms so I will be starting your kit of life when I get paid. Sept will be the beginning of my new beginnings. 


I will continue to show up and learn everything. Stay blessed and keep the info coming. I would love to one walk along side of you to help inspire, educate, and heal women. 


Peace and love,

Emotional Thank You

Oh my God Ivy. I just started my detox last nite and got home from work and since Im curious I got the mirror to check myself out and you know your stuff. I'm shedding already. I'm just so excited to see what else will come out. Thank you so much for all you do. By the way the tea and honey are great. The salve and soap are to die for also. Again thanks for all you do for women. 

Y. Roberts

Instant Results

Hey Ivy,  

    My story is a bit throwback but I really don’t like Valentine’s Day because of it. I was in the 7th grade and I was really excited about valentine’s day. I got a chance to get a ride with my mother to General Dollar. While in General dollar, I seen these pair of lips they were chocolate. I purchased the lips with my allowance. The boy I liked at the time name was Corey Richardson. We had a crush on each other from going to church together. We had a puppy love stage going on but one day he randomly stopped talking to me did know why. Since Valentine’s Day was coming up I thought I could redeem myself. Try and get my crush back. Valentine’s Day morning I saw him in the gym before class started. I ate breakfast then sat by myself. I was trying to work up the nerve to give him the chocolate lips I bought. I finally found the courage. I open my backpack then walked up to where he was. I handed him the chocolate lips. He chatted with his friends. In my mind I’m like cool he accepted the gift. As the bell rings I see him walking off. I look up where he was sitting and there was the chocolate lips I bought. Until this day that was the most crushing day in my life. Totally rejected, my hopes where extremely high that he would still like me. Now as a 28 year old I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  Hell to make it even worse before all this I was on punishment for writings love note to him. A blow to the heart and a slap in the face. 

V-Day Recovery

Man in the Stands

I finally was able to catch some of it when I was wiping just now usually it'll come out inside the toilet in could never get a picture for me to send I'm on my last detox I did the six pearls and I'm ready to buy more thank you so much my vagina feels better but I know I have a long way to go no more smell 

M. Davis

No More Smell

Finally purging  I’ve done 3 consecutive cleanses so far I’m on day 6 of the third cleanse. I’m so happy right now i can CRY 

A. Evans

Finally Purging

Hi Ivy,
 So I did my first pearl. Did everything as instructed. I just took out my pearl and this is my results pre-purge

. Also, I referred a client to you and she has already receive her kit. from Houston. She works with me. She told me she purchased #fakeasspearls, I had to put her up on game..
I will be purchasing more soap tea and honey and will detox until all pearls are gone

B. Johnson

Sister Support

My fiancé recently purposed to me on Valentine's Day this year. Got EVERYBODY and I do mean EVERYBODY involved in the proposal (mom, dad, kids). Well we meet at his mom's house "for dinner" and that's where the proposal went down. He proposed and I accepted. Everything was going good as I believed the guy I said yes to in front of my family really cared. Until his "girlfriend" showed up to the house PREGNANT AND ALL and spilling all the beans to everybody (my family and kids included). It was so embarrassing and I felt horrific afterwards. And his family already knew about this chick and the child.

I hate for women to be misused. I told that n!**a im worth more than you can imagine and you re soo bold to do this. The nerve.


Please Ivy.. help me out. Love you Girl.

V-Day Recovery


I just washed w the soap and there was what I thought was toilet paper on my vagina but it wasn’t tp it was coming from inside I checked to make sure the pearl didn’t move down but my walls are like virgin tight I can’t even reach up there so I’m assuming it’s still in place

H Nicole

New Experience

OMG I have had my stuff for about two weeks. I ordered the trio. One of the things I have noticed already was that the PCOS soap works! I use it on my face as well as other body parts. A couple of days after I started using it I started getting a pimple in the middle of my forehead. It hurt. I continued to use the soap and three days later the bump is going away. This has never happened in my 39 years! Bumps normally leave marks and linger forever. I also got the honey which I need more of already and the salve which I am loving! Your stuff is the real deal and after suffering with heavy periods and infertility for YEARS, I am finally starting to believe that with your help healing is possible! I am so glad I found you and your products



I love your product it’s changing lives mine included.  After my second round of purging with the pearl man. I wasn’t for the wave of emotions that would come from my body detoxing. This product is awesome thank you for doing what you do. 

M. Bradley 

M. Bradley


Hey Ivy! I wanted to tell you that I stopped bleeding. It was like a normal period (5- 6 days) plus I waited longer to begin the process (about 11 days) due to life issues continuing to get in the way (like Dr. Appts. etc) and instead of waiting to begin after my 'Next' period came... I started well after the 3days required. So actually perhaps the pearl brought my period forth 'sooner' from the herbs being so 'Aggressive' and I'm just ending. I  want to start another pearl after 3days. So approx. March 13th I want to use another one. I have an appointment for another ultrasound in May and want these fibroids to be smaller and/or a lesser amount  (proving to them that this method works).
I  will keep you posted.
You are truly a God send ( ;

Progress Notes


How I got my heart broken. The first time I got my heart broken was when I was 18 and dating someone who is 5 years older than me. Who in time became my daughters father. I thought I was so in love...never been in a serious relationship nor did I have a mother to guide me in the right direction about boys/men or being a woman. My daughters father would drink and unbeknownst to me do drugs and become violent. And being young and naive I thought I could change him...of course that never happened. It was always oh I’m so sorry and things would be ok for a while and then back to the bullshit later down the line. One day he decided you know let’s go our own way. He’d found somebody else & was living with her...months later he wanted to come home be a family...of course that was short lived. I go to work and by the time I’m on break he packs up all his stuff and leaves to go back to the other lady he left. I used to be so Hard on  myself and think something was wrong with me that he would leave me & our kids to play house/step-daddy. I cried and lost weight cut my hair all the stuff you do when you’re depressed. Until one day I woke up like no I’m going to focus on myself and love me!!! This is not what I want my kids to think is love or what a relationship is supposed to look like. So I took 2 years to do just that!! And ever since then I never looked back. He tried he wanted to get back together however I kindly declined. He is now married to someone else and I honestly deal with his wife. So now my heart is some what guarded my time is very valuable and I’m very picky in who I allow in my space. And I honestly can say detoxing my womb has helped with that process of elimination. Thank you

V-Day Recovery

G. Church


My hope is you are having a Great day.


I did receive my order timely.

The packaging was beautiful. I love the detailed packaging.

My order came very timely. 


I just wanted to add thank you so much for the videos on youtube and on your page and the information included in my order.

I've just started my cleanse. I purchased my order based off the time when I knew my cycle would be starting and finishing.

Based on me reading watching your videos I do not have any questions at this time but we never know once my purge begins.

Thank you so much for putting so much time into informing us and encouraging us to educate ourselves.

This is my first time but I encourage people to read watch your videos let prayer guide you and the cleanse process will be an relaxing start.

Ive lathered up with my soap, I'm using my salve, inserted my pearl while laying on my back that was easier for me. Now I'm relaxing with my tea and honey.

I'm enjoying my start. 

Purchasing the six pearl kit is not within my reach right now. I plan on Purchasing another 3 pearl kit to continue my cleanse.

Thank you please continue.

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J. Thigpen


I can't say nothing bad about my experience seanjaripretti products!

It began with a prompt and courteous service from the beginning! Once i received my products(needless to say which i got a GREAT deal on) with such the quickness I was estatic! The packaging was on point with instructions/ manual on how to use my steam pot correctly and all of the products on the website and how to use them also included background information on Mrs. Ivy and how she is the creator of the herbal tampon in the western part of the world! I am soooo glad that I made the decision to purchase the std womb healing kit as well as the steam pot and I am sure my kundalini is happy too!

J. Rabbit

Customer Service

Hi Ivy, it’s Ashley. We talked on your live and I wish I could put in to words how blessed I feel to have come across someone like you. You are an amazing walking testimony and I am proud to tell people I chose you expertise to help me heal my womb. I placed and order from both Seanjari Preeti & Johnnie Angel sites last Thursday and I just wanted to know will my order ship this week and when should I keep an eye out for it? I live in Oklahoma and the heat is beyond stupid some days. Thank you for you service and peace Goddess.

A. Baugh

Real Yoni Pearls

I'm very pleased with my experience! Everything came as expected and in a timely manner!  The packing is nice and orderly!  I feel really good about my purchase!  I have used 1 pearl and excited about the results!  I will be inserting my second pearl today!  The  Anion pads are amazing!  Thank you for offering this to us!  I will be ordering again and again! 

K. Powell

Real Yoni Pearls

First let me start by saying thank you for this product. I've never felt so good so clean beautiful down there in probably my 30-plus years of living. I have dealt with molestation rape abortion, and through all of these things I've never felt cleansed. All of the trauma emotional spiritual physical I never really knew that there was something out there that would make me feel pure again. I wish I had known of these product years ago. I will be ordering more. Thank you.

This is when I first took my pearl out after 72 hours.

The last four pics are the first day after it was removed. Just wow. God bless you and thank you for healing our women. All of us.

K. Ramos

Real Yoni Pearls

Youre very WELCOME... I appreciate the work you do... I am not a religious person, but i do believe in Jesus and what the bible speaks of.... i do not burn incense or sage. I believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of JESUS.  I am very spiritual , i just dont put my trust in things the creator created. I have faith in the Creator who gives all wisdom, knowledge to His children. I do believe the Most High blessed you with this knowlege.

D. Ballesteros

Real Yoni Pearls

Hello Ivy;The Chocolate having Herbs in it is the best reason to eat it, and I will order some more !!!

F. Byrd

King Detox Tablets

Thank you Ivy for introducing Me to Yoga 🏽 I did my first at home session today and it knocked out my cramps, also I noticed my inner thighs throbbing maybe because it was my first time, I’ll be incorporating this into my daily routine 

I saved your video to my yoga playlist 

A. Muhammad

Real Yoni Pearls

Hi Ivy. Since I started my cleanse 2 pearls in I keep forgetting to send pics for those who may be skeptical about your products. I'm attaching a pic of discharge that came from me. Ughhh so shocking to see this but I know it means the pearls are working and I'm getting healthy. Add me to your testimonials. 😬😬😬

K Chula

Real Yoni Pearls

So, what I've noticed from doing my cleanses. When my last period came around I've noticed that my flow came through more on the first day. Compared to the second day of my cycle. I'm guessing it was backed up in there. Usually and for a number of years, my flow would be heavy the second and third day. Like it was trying to make up for what it didn't push out on the first day of my cycle. So as of my last cycle...the flow was smooth, for lack of a better word.


That's pretty much it for now. I will be studying my next cycle when it comes. I will also continue with the cleanses to remove anything that was not released when it should have been. Just wanted to share this with you.


I see you've made some changes to the Seanjari Preeti site, lookin' good!


I'm also HOOKED on your Traditional Symptom soaps. And I mean HOOKED. They're awesome! Hopefully my mother will still join in on the experience of your products. When she gets the money to do so. I'll let you know then.


Okay, that's all. Peace. :)


Real Yoni Pearls

Happy birthday  Ivy  

& Many many blessed more to come! 


Add some more info about this item...

Hi Ivy. I had to send a seperate email to be able to attach photos..

My period ended on wednesday, i inserted my first pearl on saturday at 8 pm. I am pretty sure i got it at the right spot. With previous pearls it felt like i got it to the cervix but at the side of it, now i think i got it in the pocket. It is now tuesday, and at 9:30 am while on the toilet the pearl came out. :( I dont think i even pulled the string, was just holding it to my stomach to keep it clean. Do i insert the second one on Friday at the original 72 hrs at 8 pm or 9:30 am?

Also, while inserting the pearl i was feeling my cervix first and i notice some small bumps on the side of it. Not on the opening but on the side. Never felt it before but i also never really used to touch my cervix so im not sure when they appeared there. What could they be?

I have been using the soap and salve even before my period and now IM using the Tea and honey aswell. Love them all!

Hope you had a good birthday! I notice the drama with the fake suppliers and i send you strenght to be able to ignore that bs and not let it get to you. I watched your videos and learned about your story and past and i think it is despicable they will call you unstable. :( Horrible people.


M. Katarina

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Good afternoon, 


  I wanted to let you know that you are a blessing. After doing research on different types of detoxifications, I came across yoni pearls. There are many out there. There are also people claiming its unhealthy. I came across your page and what sold me on your product is you have the patent. I began to watch your videos and see the results from your clients. I originally ordered the fibroid kit because I HAD a medium size fibroid in the center of my uterus. I did the cleanse properly and on my second cleanse of the three, I passed a large fleshy mass. I couldn't get pictures but trust me, I did. I went to the doctor and he confirmed it was gone. I began to tell everyone about your product. One of my coworkers has purchased a kit and a friend of a coworker. 


Thank you Ms.Ivy for doing the research and taking time to develop something to help women live our most healthy life. 

J. Campbell

Add some more info about this item...

Hey I just wanted you to know that the Soaps that you have work very good. I don't ever get any breakouts in my vagina when I use the pearls but it works good to clean and not irritate. But if you remember I told you I have a sweat problem under my arms and that's soap works so good under my arms. The medicine that I was taking for the sweat was leaving a residue under my arms along with soap and dirt. But your soap works really good for my underarms. The most recent one for the virus works the best I don't know why. Just wanted to tell you you're doing a good job and hope you and your family is okay.t? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

S. Garner

Add some more info about this item...

What's Ill defiantly be purchasing that and some more soap which I LOVE! I feel great, My cervix feels very soft and very moist, tighter,,, My yoni lips also.. . I did purge a little more of what you seen there in that photo ( that was on day 2). Day 3 is today i use to discharge soooo heavy since putting the pearls in my panties have remained clean and dry which makes me happy! Can't wait to take my rejuvenated yoni on a spin and hear what my husband has to say lol.... I used two pearls so I have two left- I plan on doing these at the end of my monthly cycles. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

J. Bolling

Add some more info about this item...

Everything was beautiful and well worth it, I read! Read! And read the instructions over and over as you said, and watch all of your videos to get the most information. I inserted one pearl march 30 at 1:00am  and I will be taking it out tonight which should be a total of 72 hours. 

M. Hall

Add some more info about this item...

Sistar... this soap's mildness is mind blowing! I used some of it around my mouth just to see if I would get a reaction... I got a little bit of it in my mouth and it was so light it almost seemed edible!! I am glad to using your products.

T. Jene


Hi Ivy, Firstly I would like to thank you for promoting yoni health and womb cleansing. A year ago I had intuition I needed to cleanse as I knew good things was coming, which have my King whim is now fiance and our beautiful healthy baby boy whim is now 19 days old. I cleansed my womb before conceiving as I knew new beginnings was coming. So thank you, I no longer have bv issues or have not had an herpes breakout. 

E. Ella


OMG! Something big just came out. Damn near scared the he'll out of me. I'm about to take the picture and send now. Oh baby the Pearls ain't Nothing but the truth. No surgery needed. Only 1 day over the day you told me. Wow!!!!!!

L. Winfield

New York

My first cleanse was definitely a detox. I also prayed for my healing before inserting. I experienced headaches, I was emotional,experiencd light cramping in my uterus and lower back. By the evening of the second day that had subsided and I felt better but also extremely aroused (more than I had been in a few months). I was ready!


Overall it was a good experience and my husband is also appreciative of the benefits of it. I'm actually feeling like I need to do it again.

W. Williams

S. Dakota

Ok.... I am so happy I got my pearls body has been telling me I need to do the cleanse. I been considering it for quite some time...mentally I havent been ready. Emotionally not there yet...the fear of the unknown. How will my body react during the cleanse everything has me waiting. So I will meditate on this tonight to decide what day is best for me to start. I feel like I have to prepare myself first although I dont know how...everything is telling me just do it!

L. Vation


 HI Ivy I have received my package drank the tea first I love that tea OmG then a day later inserted only one pearl on Thursday nite. I pushed it all the way up.the cervix with a dido lol, however I have experience in only four hours discharge bowel movements several and my lower back pain that I usually have has subsided. I am the one with six fibroid I think you said I should use three but I inserted one because I don't know how my body may react so far so good.  My discharge is clear mucous I already smell nice but this pearl I smell heavenly down town and it's only day 2 . Also can I order a can of that tea?