Vaginal Nutrient Supplement. Fruity Based Apothecary for Energy and Good health. 
Massage Butter: For Self and Spouse prior to relations. Daily Mosturizer, Lubricant, 
Body Bar: Vitamin Wash, Fresh Skin, Bright Complexion
Honey: Oral Vitamin, Sweetener, Blood Health, Add to Tea.
Tea: RoyBoys  Blend (Pina Colada, Lemon, Strawberry & More)
Short n Sweet. Soak it in sumthn Sweet, Lather her Juices with our Sweet Pussy Body Bar, Massage with our Sweet Pussy Butter! Rub Me Down!!!! This soap is so good, you can lick it. Enjoy Our Fruity Honey Even for a quick wash up, this soap is exquisite and cleanses thoroughly. There is also a bag of Tropical Sweet Tea to get your tongue 👅 happy! maintain a healthy vagina and mind. Enjoy more sweet things from
Items: Soap, Salve, Honey & Tea
Large: Large Flower Soap Honey and Butter

Sweet P Trio

Option 1

    Seanjari Preeti is a Registered Trademark and Patented Owner of Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls. Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls is the Official registered trademark for any Herbal Tampon designed to remove candida. If it is not Seanjari Preeti Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls, it is blasphemy, Fake and  infringement on my Business. Never Allow someone to Lie to You under the guise of Helping You.  Ivy has the ethinicity of Great Britain, West Asia and Africa. To Hate anyone is to Hate YourSelf. These services are for Women of Love. 

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