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  • Real Yoni Pearls - Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls.
  • Choose the Pearls you like to use based of your personal interest or symptoms. No Pearl can harm you or not be effective.
  • 10 Formulas Sold separately.
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  • Generics are available on clearance.
  • Purchase at least 3 Pearls.
  • Check the trauma chart for more details.

Pearl Type

  1. Traditional/yeast: This is for all women that suffer with yeast. Women also use this pearl for a traditional detox if she doesn’t have any other traumas and its just for monthly use once a month. If She is Detoxing due to a Yeast Infection, She should purchase and do 3 Deep Cleanses And Saving her Last Pearl for her Monthly Maintenance.
  2. STD/BV - If You ever tested Positive for BV, You’ll need to detox with this pearl as well as fibroid pearls. If you Ever tested positive for an STD, you’d also need to get this pearl and the fibroid pearls. If your STD/BV caused other womb traumas, you’d need to get those pearls as well. Don’t Panic, You can use more than one pearl at a time to have a Royal Flush, so you can get the STD/BV, Fibroid and another symptom for example: if the STD Caused you to have an Miscarriage, you’d get the Fetal Trauma pearl too. That’s three different pearls, and this is also 3 royal flushes. No matter which pearls you need, always get at least 10 of each so you can do multiple types of cleanses such as royal flushes and deep cleanses.
  3. Tightening/Fetal Trauma: This Pearl helps stabilize the cervix and tightening the vagina, its for women that have ever miscarried, terminated, aborted a pregnancy, ectopic pregnancies or any event where a fetus was hurt, or the fetus cause you trauma like a cesarean section. Please note that if you have fetal trauma, you will also need fibroid pearls and if you desire to have more children, you will need to get the TTC pearl and possibly PCOS pearl if you’ve tried Birth Control because of your fetal trauma. Remember, you still need 10 Pearls.
  4. TTC/Infertility TTC is trying to Conceive, That means you are trying to get pregnant. Some women are TTC, that means they have never conceived, she has never had a baby in her stomach. So she is infertile. Some women are infertile due to fetal trauma, cause she was pregnant in the past but now she can not. That woman should also get the fetal trauma pearl. If you want your eggs to be healthy vibrant and strong, to create strong babies, you should keep them healthy with the TTC pearl too. That way the next time you are fertile, you can have a good healthy birth and safe home for 9 full months.
  5. Hidradenitis Supportiva - If you have the diagnosis or would like to have a lymphatic detox, this is one of the pearls in a series or a Royal Flush for Lymphatic Detox.
  6. Herpes Simplex - This pearl is Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 any form of herpes, cold sores, blisters, irritation on the skin or mouth, hypersensitivity, or diagnosis. With or without outbreaks this is the Pearl and you should purchase 10. If you have outbreaks, you need to get the Skin Care Detox Kit. You may also do the Outbreak Detox Kit which has-the Lymphatic Drainage Detox combined with the Skin Care Detox and also has wipes, numbing pads and more.
  7. Fibroids - This pearl is for women and all women that have never or ever tested positive for a fibroid. You don’t alway need the diagnosis, as fibroids are common in women. Due to scar tissues, some women deal with fibroids accumulated from scarring onto uterus. This is the Pearl necessary for that and if you have heavy periods or cramping before during or after your cycle.
  8. Advanced Fibroids/Endo This Fibroid pearl if for women with serious fibroids, clotting during your cycle and in between cycles, odorous periods, women with a history of fetal trauma or STD/BV. You will also want to consider this pearl if you may have to have a procedure done. Both the Fibroid and Advanced Fibroid can be used together and you can add a STD/BV or any other Symptom - pearl that is a factor in you having Fibroids. This pearl is also Strong Enough for Endometriosis.
  9. PCOS/Cyst - If you ever used Birth Control, have Cyst Acne, Hair on Face, Boils on Skin, Inner Thighs, Darkened Skin, Bumps or boils under arms, belly, thighs or backside. This is the pearl, and its for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome or Abnormal Cyst of the Ovaries, No matter the amount of cyst or if there are no cyst present, but you display skin symptoms, this is your pearl, get 10. Also consider the Skin Care Detox Set or the Lymphatic Detox Set or the Outbreak Detox Kit.
  10. Alkaline - For persons with cancerous cells, metals, plastics in the body.

 If you require multiple pearls Please get the Multiple Symptoms Packet, Royal Flushes or a Detox Kit. Multiple Symptoms is all 9 pearls. Royal Flush is 3 different pearls.

VIRUSThese products are designed for those suffering from a VIRUS. Viruses include: HSV2, HepC, HPV, HIV, Genital Warts or symptoms of Malaria With most viruses, outbreaks are common during your cleanse. Your Womb Healing Kit has everything you need during the cleanse and to manage your outbreaks. If you are in a relationship, please purchase a his/hers kit. With the Virus, there is no publicly known cure, as a result, you need to be vigilant and consistent with your detox. When you can afford to, please purchase the largest kit available. If you have active breakouts, please condsider adding the advanced formula virus products to your order. 



BV/STD BV is sexually transmitted, you and your male partner needs medicine, otherwise, you will dope up on Metronidazole and reinfect yourself everytime you sleep with your man. Lesbians also get BV since they often share toys without cleansing them. Your doctor may or may not be educated on this matter, however, you cant take metronidazole forever, eventurally it wont even work. Dont get Full Blown BV and Kill Your Cervix. Detox and Get your Partner Clean too! Sexually Transmitted Diseases will leave dead pathogens inside your vagina and womb, so you must detox it or end up with old bad odor, fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes. 

FERTILITY Fertility Kits are designed for women with fertility trauma, including terminations, miscarriages, abortions, ectopic pregnancies, tubal blockages and any other fetal related trauma during pregnancy or delivery. Some women have never conceived and are unsure if its possible. Detoxing is the best way to clear your womb of any possible blockages. Sometimes your cervix is blocked so semen can not reach your egg. If you only have one Fallopian tube remaining due to EP or PID, you should get a 6 pearl kit or larger for detoxing. If you've had abortions in the past, you should get a 6 Pearl kit. For multiple miscarriages, you can get a 10 Pearl kit so we can strengthen your cervix and womb. During your cleanse, do not have sex. Allow your womb to heal, dont weaken the process by trying to conceive for fear of more fetal trauma.

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