Mens Detox Honey - Lymphatic Organ Cleanse

to be consumed daily, if you purchase a kit, it includes the tea that can be brewed and honey can be added. 

honey can also be used in meals, added to tuna or salmon, poured over toast or hot cereal. must consume every day. helps with detoxing the prostate, clearing bowels, foul odor and over health. 

Traditional is for men with no health issues. has over 10 ingredients

Multiple Symptoms is for men that have dealt or deals with illness, poor blood, circulation, diabetes, low stamina, premature ejaculation, herpes, hpv, low sperm count, poor sex drive and so much more, over 88 ingredients. 

Alkaline is for men that want to remove toxic damage created by radioactive frequencies, cancer, metals, and plastics. 


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