How to Detox Your Vagina

STEP 1: WASH YOUR HANDS (if you have acrylic nails, considering having your forefingers cut down)


STEP 2: SHAVE YOUR VAGINA AND ARMPITS (if you have hair growth on your breast neck or chin area, consider waxing rather than shaving. If you have hair around your anal region, please also shave that area).


STEP 3: WASH WITH THE WOMB HEALING VAGINAL BAR (wash your vagina, butt, armpits, breast neck and face. This soap is gentle for the entire body, so it's okay if you everywhere, but focus on your 7 chakras, from the vagina up). Dont use Massengil, Summers Eve - Nothing but we have. 


STEP 4: MOISTURIZE WITH THE WOMB HEALING VAGINAL SALVE (massage the salve onto your vagina, armpits, breast, neck, and face. The salve is gentle for all over the body and can also be used as a lubricant). 



(you are only using 1 pearl per cleanse, UNLESS YOU HAVE A MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS KIT, place it on a clean surface or napkin) If you have multiple colored wrappers, do a Royal Flush. 


STEP 6: UNRAVEL CORD FROM WOMB HEALING VAGINAL PEARL. (once unraveled, you should have well over 6 inches of string to pull on when it's time to remove your pearl.


STEP 7: FEEL YOUR CERVIX. (this is why you need short nails, we have videos on how to feel your cervix, make sure you watch them! on the Video tab!)


STEP 8: PLACE THE PEARL CLOSE TO YOUR CERVIX. (this is womb detoxing and vaginal detoxing, we want to cleanse the womb, so you must reach your cervix with the pearl. 


STEP 9: WAIT 72 HOURS (do not bother with your pearl, do not remove or reinsert your pearl, do not have sex either. just continue using your soap salve and drinking your honey. 


STEP 10: REMOVE YOUR PEARL, (once you remove your pearl, wash your vagina thoroughly and massage the salve onto your vagina, then use a purging pad. 


STEP 11: USE PURGING PADS FOR 72 HOURS (during these 72 hours, your vagina will expel waste, sometimes, it may fall in the toilet, try to keep an eye out for your waste/discharge/purge. If you've paid for a consultation, you may share your photos via email. 


Once you've finished your first cleanse, you will start again unless you are having a period. 

Seanjari Preeti is a Registered Trademark and Patented Owner of Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls. Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls is the Official registered trademark for any Herbal Tampon designed to remove candida. If it is not Seanjari Preeti Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls, it is blasphemy, Fake and  infringement on my Business. Never Allow someone to Lie to You under the guise of Helping You.  Ivy has the ethinicity of Great Britain, West Asia and Africa. To Hate anyone is to Hate YourSelf. These services are for Women of Love. 

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