Fertility Kits are designed for women with fertility trauma, including terminations, miscarriages, abortions, ectopic pregnancies, tubal blockages and any other fetal related trauma during pregnancy or delivery.  Some women have never conceived and are unsure if its possible. Detoxing is the best way to clear your womb of any possible blockages. Sometimes your cervix is blocked so semen can not reach your egg. If you only have one Fallopian tube remaining due to EP or PID, you should get a 6 pearl kit or larger for detoxing. If you've had abortions in the past, you should get a 6 Pearl kit. For multiple miscarriages, you can get a 10 Pearl kit so we can strengthen your cervix and womb. During your cleanse, do not have sex. Allow your womb to heal, dont weaken the process by trying to conceive for fear of more fetal trauma.  

Seanjari Preeti is a Registered Trademark and Patented Owner of Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls. Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls is the Official registered trademark for any Herbal Tampon designed to remove candida. If it is not Seanjari Preeti Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls, it is blasphemy, Fake and  infringement on my Business. Never Allow someone to Lie to You under the guise of Helping You.  Ivy has the ethinicity of Great Britain, West Asia and Africa. To Hate anyone is to Hate YourSelf. These services are for Women of Love. 

Founder: Ivy Sagarius

Email: ivysagarius@seanjaripreeti.com

Phone: +1-443-620-3079

1000 North Pine Street, Spartanburg SC 29303

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