In the Summer of 2015, I opened my doors to distributors, I needed the help and definitely wanted to share the herbal tampons with more women.... They way I went about it was not as strategic and today, the women that I removed from my business, use the term Pearl and do not sell Pearls, but instead just Herbal Tampons.  


Now when you search for my product, you can easily stumble across these Counterfeit Pearls. Not only that, more women are repeating the cycle and following after the women I removed from my business, so they dont even know me at all, they are the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.  Please be aware. In 2009, when I discovered Herbal Tampons in Asia, there were only 6 manufacturers, I dealt with all six to heal myself, I did all the research, I knew that the manufacturers had their secret ingredients as they competed with each other. They would never keep it 100% honest with me as an American Consumer.


Today, there are dozens of Manufacturers in Asia selling Herbal Tampons/Pearls, ha!!!!, they changed the name too when they notice the term changed in the US and many women were now seeking Pearls instead of Herbal Tampons. I knew the women that worked for me, most of them, were only around to sabotage my business, steal my ideas and in it for the money, thats why I didnt want them around and thats why I branded Herbal Tampons as Pearls and Put a Patent on it. 

Today, I am way more selective of the Women that represent my brand. This is a herbal supplement and its also something that you are placing in your vagina, its not a joke a game or a hobby, I take this very seriously and ask that you RESEARCH everything that you ingest or consume in life. Your body is a temple, and trust.... You Can Place Many Theives in It. 

Below are a few! Beware, they pop up everyday. The bash me lie on my and use Pearls to lure you in. If you feel that I am lying, I understand and I dont mind, but do yourself a favor. Go to or type in Herbal Tampon and buy some tampons for $1. Dont give none of us your money since you dont know the fakes from the real.