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The Alkaline Collection is a series of products containing Power Minerals for Optimal Bone & Joint Health. The essential components in these Minerals are also great for 


Sexual Health

Immune Support

Heart Health

Reduces blood pressure


Fitness & Sports


Ingredients include:


Copper - Copper plays several vital roles in keeping your body healthy and your brain sharp. It contributes to energy production and helps your body build and repair tissues. It even works with a pigment called melanin to color your hair, skin, and eyes. Copper is also an anti-inflammatory that speeds up wound healing, meaning it's great for treating scarring, pigmentation, and redness caused by inflammation. And if you're acne-prone, it can even help with breakouts by normalizing bacterial concentration on the skin.


Magnesium - is an essential nutrient your body needs in order to perform many important functions. Its benefits include:


Helping to maintain your muscles and nerves

Regulating your blood pressure and blood sugar

And helping to make protein, bone, and even DNA.

That’s a lot of essential jobs. But some people don’t get enough. In fact, many Americans are thought to be deficient in this amazing mineral. magnesium is also important for achieving healthy skin. 


Shilajit - contains fulvic acid and many other minerals. Taking it as a powder or supplement may help boost brain function, slow the aging process, increase fertility, and more.

 This is a Supreme Blend, so it also includes Herbs and Fruit.


Wash with soap every day, you can come back for more. Keep it dry after every usage. Some guys carry a bar of soap in their gym bags and keep a spare bar at their second home. The soap is sufficient for all-over-body usage. Lather really well and rinse really well under warm water 

Also, check out the Scrotum Detox Collection, there are salves, vitamins, honey and more to be added. Overall, you should cleanse your insides as often as you cleanse your outside. Avoid Prostate Cancer and more by following a few instructions and keeping your temple free of deliberate toxic intake.