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Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance that exudes from the rocks of high mountain regions in the heat of summer. Known in Ayurveda as the “destroyer of weakness,” it has been prized for its rejuvenating properties for thousands of years.

 Shilajit Uses and Benefits

Shilajit is an incredible ally for the entire body.6 It can be used to gently detoxify the tissues, but it also has a strengthening, nourishing, and building quality. This combination makes shilajit a highly prized supplement for almost everyone that offers a number of benefits: 


Cleanses and detoxifies: Shilajit initiates gentle detoxification throughout the body, helping to purify the blood, remove excess kapha, and maintain a healthy weight.

Revitalizes the immune system: The rejuvenating quality of shilajit strengthens the natural function of the immune system and promotes the health of the lungs and respiratory tract. 

Supports the kidneys and urinary tract: Shilajit rejuvenates the urinary tract and helps maintain strong kidney function.

Promotes healthy blood sugar: It helps maintain balanced blood sugar levels already in the normal range.

Aids reproductive health: Shilajit is known to strengthen the reproductive system, tone the reproductive organs, and revitalize the libido.

Fortifies the bones: It strengthens the tissue of the skeletal system to support strong and healthy bones.

Promotes abundant energy: As a powerful rejuvenative, shilajit brings energy, vitality, and stamina.

Supports healthy aging: Often recognized as a panacea of health, shilajit promotes health, longevity, and a youthful glow.

Enhances digestion and absorption: Shilajit supports the healthy absorption of nutrients and can even help magnify the potency of other herbs

Taking Shilajit with Other Herbs

Shilajit works wonders on its own, and as a yoga vahi, it can be taken in combination with other herbs to enhance their effects.

When taking shilajit with ashwagandha, its rejuvenative qualities have a specific affinity for the male reproductive system. This combination also supports a strong, stable nervous system.

Taking shilajit with shatavari and licorice is specifically beneficial for the female reproductive organs, soothing, nourishing and toning the entire system. It also strengthens and supports a calm, stable nervous system.