Gymnema Leaf Extract

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Benefits of Gymnema on Insulin Levels
This herb has a “sugar blocking” action on taste buds and the small intestine. Gymnema blocks the typical paths that sugar molecules take during digestion, delaying the absorption of sugar. This plant has the ability to lower high blood sugar levels in people with hyperglycemia, typical in diabetics. It does this by stimulating the regeneration of pancreatic cells that produce insulin, which aids in more insulin production; in turn stimulating production of enzymes that help with the uptake of glucose into cells; and then prevents stimulation of the liver to produce more glucose. Gymnema also appears to have a lipid-lowering effect, which aids in weight loss. Weight management is of particular concern for both type 2 diabetes and insulin resistant PCOS.

Key Reasons to Manage Blood Glucose Levels Prior to Trying to Conceive

High glucose levels in men can cause lower sperm count
Sperm cells exposed to high glucose levels have been shown to have DNA deletion which may contribute to miscarriage or birth defects
High glucose levels can contribute to hormonal imbalance
High glucose levels in women may cause damage to the embryonic cells, increasing risk of miscarriage and birth defects
Increased risk for gestational diabetes in the mother
Increased risk for a larger baby, which potentially may require a cesarean section birth
It is best to take at least 3-6 months to lower and balance blood glucose levels, prior to trying to conceive if you have diabetes, or insulin resistant PCOS. Talk to your health care practitioner to see if Gymnema could be a part of your health plan, along with important diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Gymnema has been shown to be extremely safe for use, but you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning use of this herb. Gymnema may increase insulin levels and decrease iron absorption in healthy, non-diabetic people. Theoretical potentiation of lipid lowering drug, glucose-lowering and hypoglycemic medications. Not for use in pregnancy or lactation.