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Ivy Sagarius, the visionary behind Scrotum Detox, brings a wealth of scientific expertise to the realm of holistic wellness. Her journey began with assisting women on their healing paths, but it was the heartfelt requests of a few compassionate sisters that sparked a new direction. In 2017, Ivy responded to their needs by introducing the King Collection, a curated assortment of products encompassing soaps, salves, honeys, teas, and chocolates meticulously crafted to facilitate scrotum detoxification.

Just as women may experience what is often referred to as "womb trauma" – injuries sustained within the vagina, cervix, or uterus that can later manifest as systemic health issues like fibroids or infertility – men too bear their share of trauma. A frequently encountered form of trauma is the aftermath of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Engaging in unprotected intercourse can introduce female partner fluids, containing live, active cells and organisms such as STDs and viruses, into the penis. These cells eventually perish within the penis, urethra, and even the testicles.

Even in the absence of specific attributed trauma, the male body undergoes a gradual decline, with dead cells accumulating daily. The solution lies in removing these lifeless tissues, replenishing with fresh oxygen, and extending vitality.

Ivy Sagarius's philosophy revolves around the idea that detoxification not only rids the body of dead tissues but also fosters health and longevity, leading to a more youthful lifestyle. Embrace your kit and experience the transformative power of detox.

If you seek deeper insights and knowledge, Ivy has curated a treasure trove of educational resources, tools, and tips, which she now shares through various platforms, including an online school, YouTube, and OnlyFans. You can explore her range of herbs, extracts, and classes, all while indulging in informative video tutorials on healing modalities.

Furthermore, serves as an extension of the, offering a private educational space for those interested in herbs, classes, and exclusive video content. Ivy Sagarius's commitment to holistic wellness shines through these platforms, empowering individuals on their journey to well-being.


Mission: Our mission is to guide men on a transformative journey to mental, physical, and spiritual excellence. We achieve this through a holistic approach that encompasses internal and external lymphatic and skin detoxification.

Cleansing Process: Our detox program spans 6 days, during which we encourage you to withhold ejaculation. On the 7th day, release all loosened scar tissue from the urethra and scrotum through ejaculation. Following this, continue using our Honey Soap, Salve, and Tea for internal detoxification. Please note that individual results may vary, but improvements in stamina, energy, and overall health are common outcomes.

Usage Guidelines: To maximize the detox effects, use our products daily and ensure consumption within 30 days of purchase. Rest assured, our products contain no preservatives or fillers. We source our herbs from various countries and islands, prioritizing freshness, authenticity, and efficacy in crafting each product. Everything is meticulously handcrafted in South Carolina by a skilled herbalist and pastry chef. Your well-being is our top priority, and we guarantee that our products are safe, natural, and gentle on your body.

Prostate Health: Over time, dead cells can accumulate in the body due to various factors, including lifestyle choices, exposure to diseases or viruses, inhalation of carcinogens, or consumption of poorly prepared meals, particularly those derived from processed meats. The presence of dead cells can lead to issues such as reduced sex drive, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Scrotum Detoxing serves as a valuable method to eliminate dead cells from both the reproductive and lymphatic systems. We offer a range of products to address concerns related to low sex drive, prostate health, and skin issues caused by viruses or other conditions.

We're dedicated to helping you achieve optimal well-being and vitality through our holistic approach to detoxification and wellness.

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