Which Pearl Do I Use First Sis?

Which Pearl Do I Use First Sis?


There are so many pearls and you have a few. Which Pearl will you use first? What about your Royal Flushes?

The chart below is a great guide to detoxing with Real Yoni Pearls. 

The 1st Pearls to Start with are at the TOP of the Chart. Start at the top and work your way down. 

For individual detoxing, using 1 pearl at a time, go according to the chart. You can do a Deep Cleanse (3 of the same pearl) and that covers 3 cleanses. 

A Royal Flush is only 1 Cleanse with 3 Types of Pearls. You'd still need to complete more Royal Flushes, or purchase more pearls.


yoni pearl order usage chart real yoni pearls


So, if you are TTC and you have PCOS with a history of Abnormal Paps - You'd Start with HPV, then PCOS and lastly - TTC. This 3 Pearl combination can also be Royal Flush if you plan to use all 3 at one time. 

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