What Blends are In the Products

What Blends are In the Products

Remember, everything on this website is hand-crafted and formulated for Yoni Wellness. In addition to assisting with Yoni Health, your internal care is just as important and is a partner in building great health. 

The formulas cover the Yoni Pearls, and healing modalities. Lets Get into It. 

Scroll to the right to see all the formulas for the Soap, Slave and Honey.

When selecting your product, you can choose if you want more than one formula as the ingredients. 

periodic formula table seanjari preeti by ivysagarius



  1. Formula 1 - over 166 herbs that assist with the 12 Main Traumas or Yoni Pearls
  2. Alkaline - Mineral Based Formula for Cancer and Bone Health
  3. Sweet Pussy - Fruit Based Formula for Ph and Skin Care
  4. Traditional - Yeast Formula for Sensitive Skin or Yoni
  5. Virus - Exclusive Blend for 3 Virus Pearls (Hepatitis, HPV (and Lichen) & Herpes
  6. Supreme - A combination of All Formulas (formula 1, traditional, Alkaline, Sweet P)
  7. Virus Supreme - All Formulas + Virus Exclusive Blend

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