Tip and Tricks for Internal Cleansing

Tip and Tricks for Internal Cleansing

How to Swallow a Real Yoni Pearl 

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1. Unravel the String and Cut the Stump of the pearl

2. Remove cotton sheath from the pearl

3. Place pearl in mortar & pestle or between to spoons and crush pearl.

4. Swallow the pearl powder with plenty of water. 


Which Real Yoni Pearl can I Swallow

My go to pearl is HPV, however, if you are detoxing for fibroids or endometrios, pcos, hsv etcs, then you should already have that pearl in your possession and you can swallow that pearl. It would be wise to ingest the pearl that contains the herbs you need in your system for your healing journey. 

Tips & Tricks

1. stay hydrated - drink water

2. stay near the bathroom

3. dont go out that day

4. have fresh fruit and coconut juice or water on hand

5. refrain from taking any other supplements

6. never do more than 1 pearl per week

7. should you feel nauseous, drink water or eat a cracker.




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