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Thank you for coming! Twelve years ago, I started my wellness journey, discovered the herbal tampon in China, branded it as a Yoni Pearl, developed 12 Formulas for the Yoni Pearl, and today my brand: 


My Story

     Ivy Sagarius is the President of Seanjari Preeti Womb Healing, Johnnie-Angel Moriah Healing Bars & Chesterion Red Yoni Eggs. Her women’s health started in 1995 with the National Black Women’s Health Project in Washington, DC. Following that, Ivy worked with Chief Officers aT Howard University Hospital - an HBCU located in Washington DC. Before running her own business full-time in 2011, she served as an Analyst of US Secretary of Health & Human Service - Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during the Obama Administration. Her passion is Education and Financial Stability in Ethnic Communities globally.
     Ivy has worked so closely with the US Gov't and Private Sector that she can run a global organization centered around Women's Health. With Ivy are over 2 dozen health educators located in the US, Africa, London, Canada, Trinidad & the Virgin Islands.

     You can visit her page on LinkedIn.com to view her professionalism and learn more about her coaches and mentors: Derrick O. Hollings, Kenneth Peppard, Sunny Hester, Tylene Harrell, Katrina Wiggins, and Trina Greer.

     Ivy resides in the Upstate of South Carolina with her children: Tyree Chesterion, Seanjari Preeti, and Johnnie-Angel Moriah.
What is Womb Healing

     Womb Healing is all about releasing trauma from our WombSpace. This site is designed for just that. So if you have STDs, Viruses, Abuse, Molestation, Low  Confidence or Self-Esteem, bad childhood, or just unhappiness, scroll thru the site and allow me to help you. I love women, and this is my passion for helping you help me. We all need help and it starts from the inside.

Trust Level


     Starting in 1994, I've been a mother, since 2009 a wife, Since 2012 a single mother and entrepreneur. My healing journey started some time ago, and I discovered herbal tampons, now Pearls, in 2009 to improve my marriage; the rest is in the blueprint. I've survived molestation, domestic abuse, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, lies, treason, and mental pain. But I surpassed this negative thinking, and healing is the way to go. I am a project that the creator has diligently worked with, and in turn, I can heal those with the same afflictions as I once had and women all over. Watch me on social media, call me to converse while assisting in my healing. Your personally identifying information is never shared; I practice HIPPA law profusely. Never worry about coming to me and being honest. The more honest you are, the easier it is to heal.

     No one told me anything when I was burning, having sex at a young age, being hit on by men, being spat on by men, having my money, cars, and jewelry is stolen... no one told me anything. I struggled in life, scrapping my knuckles every day to get by. My parents could not help me as they should have. My mother didn't provide me with the qualities I needed to be a mother, girlfriend, or wife. My dad didn't love me enough so that I would not get caught up with foolish men.  Hell, I was abused so much that I'm just prone to being on the defense.  

     The streets were no better, but that was all I had left, allowing people of the world to misguide me and make my life worse. Now I am 37, ain't no looking back - people gotta look up to me, and I love it. I made positive out of negative real quick; I loved myself no matter what and decided to love people who were in my shoes or worse.  I have yet to meet a woman as fearless as Me, and I look every day. Alongside me are women, soldiers, and sisters like you, striving to make it happen every day, and we need a little help in a major way. 

     You cant LOOK at my face and tell me I came from anger, sadness, depression, and pain. I worked long and hard, still do, and won't stop. You can't stop either, never give up; you may have to take a break, but only for a second. Get on your grind for the babies. We die....we all die....how your babies suppose to manage in the world that misused you and abused you? Get your life right, get your head right, get your money right, make wise choices, a choice YOU won't REGRET, bless your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for generations to come. Give your offsprings something to rave about. 

     The way I see it, my parents slaved for many masters, and now I'm here, the difference is, I have one Master, and He is a Good Master, the Master that placed my feet on the ground, he showers me with his Grace, Clothes me with His Mercy, Comforts me with his wings of Love. In return, I do it for all those that find me along the pathway, all those that see me and feel the need to be with me, befriend me, listen to me, or walk with me. 

     When you allow God to come into your life, that means you give everything over to God and just let him guide your steps; you are truly in a submissive state. So much love comes your way. Much Hate also comes your way. Just know that this path has both; your journey will not be easy. You have chosen to heal some profound scars, scars that the enemy placed upon you to destroy you, and know God's Child is fighting back!

Baby Child of God: Keep on Swinging with those Mighty Gloves!


Seanjari Preeti WOMB HEALING VAGINAL PEARLS & REAL YONI PEARLS ARE  VAGINAL SUPPOSITORIES To maintain the Authenticity of my Brand, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and Amazon DOES NOT SELL MY PRODUCT.  Real Yoni Pearls are only sold on Realyonipearls.com. 

The statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products of this company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls are Herbal Suppositories. Please consult your physician before implementing any new diet, exercise and dietary supplement programs, especially if you have preexisting medical conditions or are taking prescribed medications. The statements made on this website are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice of your physician or healthcare provider.