Which Pearl Do I Use First?

by ivy robinson on Sep 21, 2022

Which Pearl Do I Use First?


1. **Category 1 - Gravest Ailments (Virus or Organ Killer):**
- These should be addressed first as they pose the most significant health risk. Prioritize pearls for severe conditions before moving to others.

2. **Category 2 - Lymph Nodes and Glands (e.g., Hepatitis, Hidradenitis):**
- After addressing the gravest ailments, move on to conditions related to lymph nodes and glands.

3. **Category 3 - Growths and Tumors (e.g., Endo, Fibroids, PCOS):**
- These should come next, especially if a woman is aiming to conceive. Starting with growths and tumors may help create a more favorable environment for pregnancy.

4. **Category 4 - Diseases and Pathogens (e.g., STDs, BV, Yeast Infections):**
- Once the previous categories are addressed, focus on diseases and pathogens. This order ensures that the reproductive system is in optimal health before dealing with these issues.

5. **Category 5 - Reproductive (e.g., Fetal Trauma, TTC Yoni Pearl):**
- Finally, address reproductive concerns. If a woman has successfully treated earlier issues, she may have a better chance of a healthy conception and pregnancy.



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