Royal Flush

by ivy robinson on Sep 02, 2022

Royal Flush

a few visuals and some videos should help. if not, inbox me on Instagram @yonipearlgod or bigo @yonipearls

there are hundreds of royal flush types, its whatever 3 pearls you put together, as long as they aren't the same pearl. 





you just need to know which pearls are best for your royal flush. 

you wanna pick the best pearls

well I did that for you, and if its not what your wanting, remember " its whatever 3 pearls you choose)

Youll Still use them for 72 hours, tying a knot at the base. watch the video. there are more videos on Instagram @yonipearlgod

if you've never done a royal flush, please just use one pearl and get yourself acclimated with detoxing your vagina with a yoni pearl.  

When in doubt, or if you didn't read instructions or follow them, and you need assistance, its best to pay the 25 bucks, you can cashapp me at $realyonipearl and text me a screenshot of the payment me after you pay to: 8649211608